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ITV & E M Pharma partnered to make products kids will love & products that you can trust!

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Back in 2015, East Midlands Pharma secured a deal with ITV Studios to create a line of healthcare products. Our aim is to develop a product that will help children be more health conscious but also to make sure children will be entertained while using our products.

East Midlands Pharma Ltd, has been working tirelessly to create a range of products children will love & products that parents will want to buy for them. For over a year we have been developing a product that is fit for our marketplace, both through design and concept.

We have now established a line of products that are ready for the market, supported by ITV Studios we can now launch these products onto the market.

Thunderbirds Range so far…

Currently we have 2 products ready for distribution:

Thunderbirds Pop-Vits

perfect if you want to treat your kids to something they will love and at the same time look after their teeth.

Who are we?

East Midlands Pharmaceuticals Ltd is one the fastest growing pharmaceutical suppliers in the U.K.

We have also created a full line up of collectable thunderbirds, character/vehicle cards that are only available though our products.  These cards give fast facts regarding the Thunderbirds characters, their specialities and also information on the vehicles, such as top speed, weapons etc.

Collectable cards are included within a purchase pack of Pop-Vits which will encourage your child to choose the healthy  sugar fee lollipops over the sugar filled lollipops that are just not good for them. Collectable cards are also included within the Travel pack which will assist parents while travelling abroad.

Our products are currently only available online through our online shop, however we are looking to push forward into retail stores throughout the the county.



The Original

Are you looking for the Lollipop that started it all, the original pop-vits can be purchased from our shop.


Collectable cards

View all the collectable cards to see if you have them all!

VIEW BUY Sting Patches First Aid Mosquito Bands

Sting Patches

Relief from insect stings.

First Aid Spray

Antiseptic first aid spray

Mosquito Band

Insect repellant wrist band

Mosquito band

Interchangeable thunderbird character/vehicle wrist band that will repel insects.

First Aid Spray

Travel size bottle of antiseptic spray to assist on your travels such your child get a graze or cut.

Sting Patches

Relief from the pain associated with insect stings to allow your child to continue to enjoy their holiday

International Travel Pack